Our Edge

Here are just some of the reasons why our clients have chosen us as their preferred marketing and sales partner in the Philippines:

Excellent Understanding of your Business

Understanding your business and, more importantly, the purchasing behavior of your prospective clients is imperative for the success of any marketing or sales-related initiative. At Acquisix, we speak the language of sales, we  share your values and we understand how to successfully market to your target audience. Our US and UK management teams possess many years of high performance outbound telemarketing and lead generation experience and have worked in key positions with leading direct marketing firms.

Strong, Proven Performance Track Record

With more than 8 years experience in designing and deploying high performance telemarketing and lead generation programs for clients across a variety of industries, Acquisix has a strong, proven track record of service delivery excellence. Our specialization in sales and marketing-related services, our highly experienced agents as well as our”on-site” management teams, coupled with our offshore cost-advantage provides you, our client, with a value proposition that is unequaled in our industry.