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The Ever-Growing Need For Lead Generation Services

Lead generation services are obtained by most businesses in order to guarantee uninterrupted income flow and generation. The need for them drastically rises when a considerable amount of profit increase was seen among businesses which utilized such services, hence the introduction of lead generation in the corporate world. Primarily, lead generation plays the basic role of ensuring success to any industry or firm. By simply placed, it is the process by which potential business clients are generated to become an industry’s target market for the products and services that it offers. These lines of clientele are called “leads.”

Types of lead generation services. Lead generation services come in many forms. The execution of each service is chiefly dependent on the methods exercised by lead generation companies. These lead generation techniques will require potential clients’ demographic and personal information, such as names, location, phone number, e-mail addresses, and the like. Below are some of the most common approaches to lead generation:

Data charts lead generation. Data charts lead generation covers the process by which prospective clients are enticed with gathered data that are made more factual by the presentation of graphs, charts and numerical figures. This way, people are more likely to get attracted with offers they can take advantage of. Data charts lead generation is usually present among landing pages, television commercials, newspapers and magazines with possible methods of either subscribing to a service or buying a product through opt-in lists and boxes, text messages and mailing lists.

E-mail lead generation. Another popular lead generation service is e-mail lead generation. As stated, this is a lead generation technique wherein information about possible clients is gathered via electronic mail. These mails may come in a variety of forms—surveys, special offers, questionnaires—to mention only a few. Lead generation companies would forward this as blast e-mails to a lot of people, and when interested parties reply with their information, these people become leads and the data gathered from them are forwarded to businesses for further offers.

Direct mailing lead generation. Much like e-mail lead generation, direct mailing lead generation also encompasses surveys, questionnaires and special offers, but this time, it is forwarded to prospective clients via the traditional postal services.

One popular way that lead-generating companies use to gather potential clients is by means of telemarketing. This method paved way for the proliferation of business process outsourcing companies or more commonly known as call centers. Call center agents would usually phone respondents to gather their personal and demographic information. This information would then be forwarded to companies with specific services and products to sell.

Online lead generation. Now probably the most effective way to gather leads for businesses is by online lead generation. This specific lead generation service covers the entirety of Internet marketing that primarily revolves around social media. Social media lead generation makes use of social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, Multiply, and Tumblr, to capture information on their members through advertisements and games. Eventually, these data are forwarded to companies who need them for selling purposes.
Lead generation companies surely use methods which suit their resources and which they find most effective. Whatever lead generation service they use, it is vital to know how such service can be of advantage and gain to businesses and industries which require these lead generation companies’ services.

Offshore Outbound Telemarketing Service Providers in the Philippines – Best Way to Mark Your Business Idealism

Offshore outbound telemarketing service providers in the Philippine facilitate and help business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) clients increase their profits by setting up sales appointments and generating leads in their client’s particular markets. The primary goal of this telemarketing service provider is to get client’s business ahead of their clients and connect interested prospects with the sales team.

The offshore outbound telemarketing service providers in the Philippines have ample experience in offering telemarketing services across various range of industries such as IT, communications, utilities, retail, finance and other telemarketing-related services.

Some of the telemarketing services that offshore outbound telemarketing service providers in the Philippines endow are as follows:

Appointment Setting

On behalf of the client’s sales team, telemarketing representatives set appointments with the ace key decision-makers in client’s target market. This outstanding telemarketing company give extensive trainings to their representatives with regard on how to build rapport quickly with a prospect client and how to carry out various telemarketing techniques to create appointments with decision-makers. When scheduling face-to-face appointments, telemarketing representatives consult the client’s calendar, adjust and consider geography or travel requirements.

Lead generation

Offshore outbound telemarketing service providers in the Philippines get in touch with various company contact details or distinct individuals to generate significant leads for clients. Telemarketing representatives seek to identify the client’s current affiliated products and services, to know if their target clients plan to open doors or switch to another suppliers, and when they will be implementing the said plans. Then, telemarketing representatives build a database of all the leads and provide a generated list for client’s reference.

Market Research

Market research is a fundamental method allowing a specific business to gain insight on how their prospects and customers think of their product or service. Offshore outbound telemarketing service providers in the Philippines have amiable and professional telemarketers who can speak to the client’s target market and observe the reasons of people’s preferences in terms of a given product or service. Market research results present pertinent information to guide business and help them improve their offers as well as their market approach. This telemarketing service provider company serves as the direct link of businesses to their customers and doles out as a credible source of market feedback.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

These type of surveys help companies and industries to track customer’s response – what they like and dislike about a particular product or service. It also provide an effective way to determine customer issues such as customer claims in a given product or service. This is the survey intended for regaining and retaining customers.


Offshore outbound telemarketing service provider in the Philippines implements corporate social responsibility like helping out organizations to conduct seminars or conferences and seal a commitment on way to their existing and potential customers to attend their events. Telemarketing representatives can confirm arrangements and make registrations and reservations as needed.

Database Cleaning

Past and current customers mailing list is one of the most important marketing tools in any type of business. Keeping directories and mails updated ensure that your business communications and marketing copies drop a line to the addressed person. Offshore outbound telemarketing service providers in the Philippines offer database cleaning or updating of directories and perform tasks such as – merging of databases, removing duplicate entries, locating mislaid contact information, verifying contact information, checking and completing addresses and other significant file compilation works.

Working with this kind of unsurpassed telemarketing service providers give businesses a prerogative access to a large pool of telemarketers acquiring an unbeatable English communication skills and wide-rangingtelemarketing/sales experience and comprehensive training; all at very competitive costs.

In addition, offshore outbound telemarketing service providers in the Philippines have steadfast management staff that give an eye on developing a telemarketing campaign suitable to client’s particular business.

Also, an account manager directly works with the client throughout campaign’s duration and see to it that they exceeds client satisfaction and meets its expectations even the campaign is as simple as database updating or indeed more complex like market research.

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Offshore Outbound Telemarketing Rooms in the Philippines: Your Second to None Choice

Choosing between an in-house and an offshore outbound telemarketing room – why offshore is a better choice?

Companies that are trying outbound telemarketing or re-evaluating their outbound telemarketing operations have to decide between setting up or maintaining an in-house telemarketing room or employing outside services from telemarketing firms. Many businesses which prefer outsourcing, choose outbound telemarketing service providers in offshore locations.

A top offshore destination for outsourced telemarketing services is the Philippines. Many businesses subject to offshore outbound telemarketing rooms in the Philippines report accurate and good results in terms of getting quality service, cost savings and greater revenues.

Offshore outbound telemarketing rooms in the Philippines vary in size ranging from twenty to hundred seat capacities. Regardless of the size, though some of their telemarketing rooms share some common features such as workstations with computers, headsets and phone systems such as auto-dialers or predictive dialers, high speed Internet access and other technologies. Large offshore outbound telemarketing rooms in the Philippines would also have well-designed facilities for employees such as break rooms, cafeterias and other corporate and functional amenities.

In this telemarketing company, clients do not only get immediate access to good infrastructure. The lineup of industry experts manage these offshore outbound telemarketing rooms which emphasize that the people who make use of their infrastructure and technologies are highly qualified and dedicated to put each telemarketing campaign into success.

Aside from management and telemarketing representatives, a typical offshore outbound telemarketing room in the Philippines will have support staff such as IT personnel to ensure quick resolution of any technical issue. Also, they will have quality assurance officers, in-charge of monitoring quality and agent performance based on metrics; and sales or marketing gurus that will help telemarketing representatives improve their techniques in closing deals, getting appointments, and other telemarketing-related strategies.

The managers and directors of this telemarketing business will work directly with the client and assist in or perform the following tasks – developing the script, hiring and training telemarketing representatives, supervising day-to-day activities of prospecttelemarketing representatives, monitoring results and providing accurate and reliable feedback to the client.

Without the help of an offshore outbound telemarketing rooms in the Philippines, businesses will necessitate itself to take care of all the above processes. Oftentimes, the whole process diverts necessary resources such as time and money from other business activities that are more vital to the client’s business. In addition, the cost of setting up a telemarketing rooms require large investment in technology and other advance facilities. The company, likewise, will hire not only telemarketers but also professionals to manage the staff. With an offshore outbound telemarketing rooms in the Philippines, businesses do not have to deal with all of these corporate state of affairs and would just simply concentrate on core functions such as business strategies.

When a company hire an offshore outbound telemarketing rooms in the Philippines, it will be able to secure all indespensable resources to start a telemarketing campaign from infrastructure to qualified workforce, given at a cost-savvy and matchless pricing structure that no onshore or near-shore telemarketing company can surpass.

This offshore outbound telemarketing room industries support the following telemarketing services – appointment setting, lead generation and qualifying, contact gathering and verification, database cleaning, market research and surveys, customer satisfaction surveys, opinion polls, conference/seminar registration, direct sales and marketing, cross selling and up selling, brand awareness, and other breathtaking services.


Managing telemarketing rooms and telemarketers is a demanding job and really requires a knowledgeable and skilled manager. Companies that take into consideration or attempt the task on their own will encounter many vast challenges such as dealing with absenteeism and maintaining employee motivation aside from administering operations on a daily basis.

Therefore, the notable advantage of outsourcing to offshore outbound telemarketing rooms in the Philippines is for the client to hire a company which sole business priors to manage a telemarketing rooms with dedicated individuals who can administer human resources, operations and all other business functions efficiently and cost-effectively.

The Unbeatable Edge of Offshore Outbound Telemarketing Providers in the Philippines

In the previous years, there has been a huge demand for “offshoring” or outsourcing to offshore locations. As many companies have discovered, outsourcing outbound telemarketing activities to an offshore outbound telemarketing provider within Asian countries, particularly in the Philippines has numerous advantages.

Cost savings is one of the main reasons why companies resort to an offshore outbound telemarketing provider. With the low operating and wage overheads in the Philippines, companies are able to achieve 25 percent up to 60 percent savings while getting first-rate and high-quality telemarketing services.

Moreover, while some offshore telemarketing providers struggle with language barriers, offshore outbound telemarketing providers in the Philippines get on the edge since its workforce are adept and fluent in English communication skills. Also, Filipinos speak English with a neutral accent and making it easier and comprehensible for foreigners. Many Filipinos can easily adopt an American or British accent, which is a distinct plus since majority of business clients are from either United States or UK area.

Indeed, English skills are not only the prerequisite of offshore outbound telemarketing businesses in employing representatives. They also seek for goal-oriented and motivated individuals with sales and persuasion skills. Mostly, candidates with proven sales experience are given utmost preference.

This type of industry differs on how they compensate representatives. Nearly, all offer basic pay plus commissions per sale or per lead and incentives for agents who exceed their quota. Employee motivation is imperative for offshore outbound telemarketing providers in the Philippines, not only to drive representatives to perform beyond expectation but also to keep them satisfied in their chosen jobs. Truly, offshore outbound telemarketing providers in the Philippines and the country’s entire call center businesses take pride in having a relative lowest staff turnover rate compared to other offshore providers.

While this telemarketing business will be able to offer you reduced rates, there will be also a variation on how they will outlay their services. An offshore outbound telemarketing provider may charge setup fees and hourly rates while others may confer on a commission basis in addition to the common basic rates.

Also, additional expenditure may come from training or travel expenses for companies that would like to send some of their people to the Philippines and give comprehensive training for agents or vice versa.

An offshore outbound telemarketing provider in the Philippines has quality assurance officers who monitor calls and evaluate agent’s performance. Some telemarketing companies provide clients the ability to hook into a live call between an agent and a prospect customer to see how effective and knowledgeable the agent is in that particular task.

To guarantee data security, an telemarketing industries make use of secure technologies and other safety measures such as implementing strict confidentiality agreements with telephone sales agents and controlling access to client information through password-protected accounts.

There are plenty of experienced offshore outbound telemarketing providers in the Philippines. These companies have the best track record on their past and existing clients, which is definitely valuable to any of their target business client. Clients, in addition, will find young offshore outbound telemarketing providers that can execute expert telemarketing services. Even these companies may be considered as novice to such kind of industry, their owners and managers are commonly hands-on and veterans in the said field.

An offshore outbound telemarketing provider has an account manager who handles the day-to-day operations of a specific campaign. The account manager is the main point of contact of the client. He or she also oversees the statistics report to the client.

For both, the client and the offshore outbound telemarketing provider in the Philippines, handing reports are essential to assess and measure results. This telemarketing industry will give a customized report to meet the client’s requirements. Generally, reports are inclusive of statistics specified by clients, sales or leads, reasons for refusal and other offshore issues. Depending upon the agreement with the client, an offshore outbound telemarketing provider in the Philippines may hand-out reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis in addition to a final report done at the end of the campaign.

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Offshore Outbound Telemarketing Outsourcing Providers in the Philippines Speaks on its Latest Developments and Modern Advancements

What Can Clients Expect from Outbound telemarketing Outsourcing Providers in the Philippines?

Launching a telemarketing campaign is not an easy task even for large corporations. Several elements should be orderly managed to make it successful – personnel, technologies, facilities, management and others.

An offshore outbound telemarketing outsourcing provider in the Philippines has essential resources plus the expertise in managing telemarketing programs and provide business a sound alternative using an in-house telemarketing team.

Businesses make used of the services offered by an offshore outbound telemarketing outsourcing providers to hence they can focus on their core business activities while there is an expert group that responsibly takes care of their corporate campaigns.

Offshore outbound telemarketing outsourcing providers in the Philippines offer a wide selection of business-to-business and business-to-consumer telemarketing services.

Among these services are product and service sales with up-selling and cross-selling, lead generation or qualification, list cleaning or updating, primary market research, customer satisfaction surveys, follow up calls, appointment setting, product or service promotion, and other telemarketing-related services.

Also, this type of industry tend to provide support in handling an overflow or increase in call volume during the peak periods of a business, such as when launching a new product; or they can also provide a cost-effective solution to businesses that want to extend to 24/7 operations.

Undeniably, hiring an offshore outbound telemarketing outsourcing provider in the Philippines is more commercial and cost-effective than having an in-house staff to carry out the similar tasks. It will outlay a business more if it were to set up or use its own equipment and facilities, recruit and train full-time telephone sales representatives.

Competent as it is, offshore outbound telemarketing outsourcing provider in the Philippines is able to give necessary services to complete an entire telemarketing campaign at significantly lower costs.

In addition to competitive rates, experienced telemarketing firms also allow businesses to launch their telemarketing campaign quickly and efficiently often within a week or less. They may utilize their pool of experienced and highly-skilled representatives or promptly recruit qualified people.

Offshore outbound telemarketing outsourcing providers in the Philippines have complied in strict hiring standards because telemarketing and sales duties require more than professional telephone skills.

Basically, this kind of industry looks for individuals whom besides have excellent English communication skills must also consist the right attitude towards rejection or frustration, be goal-oriented and self-motivated, and have the ability to establish rapport with different kinds of people.

Telemarketing agents are persistent and creative in handling objections and reaching contact persons who often have assistants whose primary task is to screen calls. Offshore outbound telemarketing outsourcing providers in the Philippines train their telemarketing agents on various marketing techniques and methods, supply them with developed scripts, teach them how to properly document their calls and run test calls that would lead them to a career success.

Offshore outbound telemarketing outsourcing providers in the Philippines have the most up-to-date telemarketing technologies and since their business relies in such equipped advancements, rest assured it is reliable, secure and well-maintained. Clients benefit from having access to these innovative technologies without the need for significant or long-term investment on their part.

Some of the technologies used by this type of outsourcing provider include auto-dialer and predictive dialer phone systems, call digital recording, contact management systems and other offshore equipments.

Too boot, Quality control is another important part of the operation in an offshore outbound telemarketing outsourcing business. To guarantee quality, a telemarketing company builds the campaign based on the client’s orientation and subsequently gives extensive training to agents.

Generally, there will be test calls whereas the client can check the quality of the call and suggest changes and give a room for improvement and a pilot campaign prior in obtaining it live. Quality officers randomly listen to agents during their calls to verify if they are meeting quality standards and following client requirements.

In addition, offshore outbound telemarketing outsourcing providers in the Philippines comply with the federal laws in the United States, prohibiting to call certain phone numbers that are included in the US Federal Trade Commission’s Do Not Call Registry.

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The Perks of Offshore Outbound Firms in the Philippines

Tapping Valuable Resources for Business Growth

For companies that intend to generate and reach prospects to promote their products and services, one of the best methods to get this job done is to launch an outbound telemarketing campaign. Hiring an in-house telemarketing team or setting up a telemarketing call center will undoubtedly cost a lot. A perfect alternative to avoid soaring operating and labor costs associated with on-site telemarketing functions is to work with an offshore outbound telemarketing firm in the Philippines.

Companies cannot afford to limit the growth of their business simply because they lack of resources to market more aggressive offers or because the necessary resources have become very costly. Businesses, whether large or small scale, looked for several ways to address these issues until they have decided that outsourcing telemarketing to offshore companies such as an offshore outbound telemarketing firm in the Philippines is the most practical and viable solution.

These kind of businesses are call centers whose main service is to call prospects or existing customers on behalf of their business clients. These telemarketing industries come with all the resources – workforce, infrastructures, computers, phone systems and other technologies – that are necessary for any telemarketing operations.

With the success of the call center industry in the country, many new telemarketing businesses have opened at its booming seats in recent years. These type of businesses are relatively young companies, however, it does not mean they lack the familiarity and experience. Many have been in operations in the United States for many years now but have just recently expanded to the Philippines. Moreover, veterans in the industry encompasses by multinationals and Filipinos, lead offshore outbound telemarketing firms in the Philippines. These highly qualified managers and executives lend their expertise to every client project at a certain point.

Working with “young” offshore companies also have an advantage in terms of technology. Naturally, these firms will have some of the latest technologies in the industry. Thus, businesses gain access to these valuable resources needlessly to purchase them. In addition, infrastructure costs in the Philippines, whether real estate or technology, are economical and affordable.

Offshore outbound telemarketing firms in the Philippines provide telemarketing services to any type of industry from IT, to retail, to finance and other sectors. Companies that are looking for an efficient and thriving telemarketing business that has the experience in such specific industry are rest assured of firms that have handled telemarketing campaigns for similar or related businesses. While relevant practices does not automatically guarantee triumph, it will be easier to work with people who are familiar with your industry.

While experience is a definite advantage, companies should also evaluate other qualifications and capabilities of a particular offshore outbound telemarketing business. In order to do this successfully, it is best for companies to speak directly with the people who are accountable of client accounts or even to arrange a face-to-face meeting and visit the site. Clients may also ask for referrals from their previous business colleagues. Reputable offshore outbound telemarketing firms in the Philippines will not hesitate to provide you with references.

When it comes to pricing, the structure will vary depending on the type of telemarketing service and the firm’s system of employee compensation. Some offshore outbound telemarketing companies in the Philippines pay telemarketing representatives a fixed monthly salary while others add commissions per sale to the basic pay. Other fees may include setup fees and training fees. These details should be clear to both parties including what specific services are comprised in the quoted price. This is important to avoid failed expectations.

In order to start a telemarketing campaign, clients provide company background information, campaign brief, a script and a list of prospect’s names and contact information. Clients may develop their materials on their own or seek the services of telemarketing industries. These firms are very versatile and can help businesses with their entire telemarketing campaign. By identifying needs beforehand, clients can maximize the services, expertise and benefits of an offshore outbound telemarketing firm in the Philippines.

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Essentials in choosing the best telemarketing firm

Choosing an offshore outbound telemarketing company in the Philippines
Telemarketing companies can handle both inbound and outbound calls. Inbound telemarketing services mostly involve sales. An outbound telemarketing company takes a large volume of sales and marketing calls on behalf of a client.

For many businesses, hiring an in-house telemarketing group may be expensive. Working with an offshore outbound telemarketing firm is a cost-effective alternative to having an in-house team. In addition, choosing a competent and reliable offshore outbound call center can significantly boost your profits.

In choosing an offshore call center company in the Philippines, it is important to remember that while you have a great opportunity to lower your costs and save money, you also want to make sure that you are able to select a company that will provide you a high quality service. A balance between affordability and quality is the key to making your campaign a success.

The offshore outbound call center firm that you will select is more than just a service provider. In every call that a telephone sales agent makes for you, he or she is representing your business. Therefore, you have to do your research and choose carefully to determine which offshore outbound call center company in the Philippines is right for your business.

Why do you have to outsource to telemarketing companies in the Philippines?
Setting up and managing a telemarketing company can be both expensive and difficult, which is why many choose to outsource their business. In addition to significant investments in infrastructure and technology such as office space, telephone systems, computers, etc. recruitment and training of staff and management is also necessary in setting up a telemarketing firm. Thus, many businesses have decided to outsource to offshore telemarketing companies in the Philippines because of its competitive cost when it comes to resources, such as technology, labor, and infrastructure.

There are other reasons why businesses have decided to outsource to an offshore telemarketing firm in the Philippines. For instance, if a business decides to launch its first telemarketing campaign, it will need the guidance of an expert. There are numerous dedicated telemarketing companies that can provide that expertise and help a business by creating scripts, building contact lists, and organizing the campaign.

In addition, a company whose business is thriving may want to outsource in order to support its small in-house telemarketing group. Offshore outbound telemarketing firms are very flexible, that they can easily have additional number of agents whenever the campaign requires it.

How to choose an offshore outbound telemarketing company?
Before you search for an offshore outbound telemarketing company, you have to set you goals first.  There are numerous offshore outbound telemarketing companies in the Philippines that have different services offered. In order to choose which telemarketing company will best provide the service you need for your business, you have to identify first what your business needs to achieve.

A business have to set their goals first in order to know what services the telemarketing company can offer. An offshore outbound telemarketing company have a group of sales agents who performs several phone-based tasks for their clients such as direct sales, lead generation sales, appointment setting, gathering/verifying contact information, market testing, research and surveys. A business have to determine the specific telemarketing service they will require among those number of services.

You may want to look for an offshore outbound telemarketing firm that are successful in campaigns similar to yours. That way, you can select which among the telemarketing firms will best fit your business outsourcing needs. This is one of the few among the essential steps to those who have just ventured into business outsourcing.

Other important considerations are the volume of calls that your campaign requires and the length of the campaign period. These factors will determine how many agents you will need. Some telemarketing campaigns require only one or two agents while others need a bigger workforce. Choose an offshore outbound company that can easily accommodate your workforce requirements.

Moreover, you have to identify other services that you may need such as multiple language support. Your needs should serve as your guide in your search. When you know what you want then you can easily narrow down your choices. The right offshore outbound telemarketing company in the Philippines for your business is the one that will best suit your needs.

Telemarketing call centers in the Philippines – A booming industry

Through outbound telemarketing, a business can reach its prospects directly and immediately get feedback. In addition, outbound telemarketing provideS businesses with the flexibility to control many elements of their campaign such as the timing and call objectives. By working with an offshore outbound telemarketing firm, companies can achieve significant cost savings and increased sales.

Offshore outbound telemarketing companies typically provide both business-to-business and business-to-consumer services. Telemarketing firms employ highly-trained and motivated telemarketers to handle tasks like sales, appointment setting, lead generation, contact verification, seminar registration, market research, and other telemarketing services.

Telemarketing campaigns require scripts that telemarketers. Offshore telemarketing firms can assist clients in developing effective scripts. In fact, most firms include this service in their set-up costs. The skills of the telemarketer is substantial when it comes to closing a deal. That is why offshore outbound telemarketing companies invest in recruiting only highly qualified individuals, and provide extensive training to telemarketing representatives. The agent training will test their skills in handling objections, identifying needs, and using this information to persuade targets. It will determine how they will succeed in closing sales or getting an appointment.

Offshore outbound telemarketing call centers have invested in up-to-date telemarketing technologies such as telephony systems, sound digital recording, Internet capabilities, remote monitoring technologies, contact management software, other technologies necessary for production, data security, reporting and quality monitoring.

Pricing and Production
Offshore outbound telemarketing provide price quotes that vary. Rates can be per hour, per sale, or per lead. Some also work on a pay per performance basis. Typically, telemarketing companies in the Philippines like other providers require a minimum number of hours to start the campaign. Most call centers will also charge set up fees to include training costs. Prices differ depending on the size of the call center. Larger ones will usually require higher fees. Still, the cost of hiring a call center firm for businesses is still considerably lower than setting up their own call center.

During the testing period, the telemarketing company will make production estimates to provide clients with important information such as sales and leads per hour, number of completed records or calls in an hour, number of dials in an hour, wrong numbers or disconnected numbers dialed in an hour, and the like. The estimates help the clients track and analyze the progress of the campaign and provide them a chance to make necessary changes to improve productivity. Many offshore outbound telemarketing call centers in the Philippines offer free service quotes and consultations.

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The Finest Services Offered by Offshore Outbound Telemarketing Agency in the Philippines

A Guide for Companies Considering to Work with an Offshore Outbound Telemarketing Agency in the Philippines
Businesses outsource their telemarketing activities to an offshore outbound telemarketing agency in the Philippines for various reasons. It may be to reduce the operating costs, access resources that are unavailable to the company while avoiding major capital investments, or just get additional support for seasonal volume increases or during special promotional periods. Whatever the client’s reason is for outsourcing, telemarketing agencies have the capabilities to support any of those needs.

An offshore outbound telemarketing firm is fully equipped with the right technology, operated by telemarketing veterans with services delivered by highly qualified and trained telemarketers. They are valuable partners to companies with or without experience in telemarketing.

For companies that are considering to work with an offshore telemarketing firm in the Philippines, here are some of the reasons why many business executives have chosen and continue to choose the Philippines as their preferred offshore telemarketing partner:

Labor Pool
The Philippines have a pool of talents that can be utilized for short-term or long-term telemarketing campaigns. Filipino telemarketers are college-educated, English-speaking individuals who have proven sales and marketing experience prior to joining a telemarketing company. Aside from that, Filipinos are naturally friendly and accommodating.

Reliable and affordable telecommunication infrastructures are widely available. An offshore outbound call center firm has backup technologies for uninterrupted power supply and reliable Internet connectivity. Philippines offer modern business infrastructures such as offices that are available at a very low-cost.

The entire business process outsourcing (BPO) industry in the Philippines enjoys a strong support from the Philippine government and other sectors of the community. This shows how they collaborate to help in the growth of the entire BPO sector. The government for instance has put in place robust incentive schemes to encourage more investments and business from international companies.

Business Environment
The Philippines have a very business-friendly environment. It has adopted the most westernized culture among Asian countries, which is an advantage since the main clientele of telemarketing agencies in the Philippines are western companies. In addition, the hospitable and friendly nature of the Filipinos makes many expatriates feel readily at ease.

Low Cost
Cost reduction is one of the primary reasons for outsourcing. Because of this, many businesses choose offshore outbound telemarketing agencies in the Philippines because they offer lower rates. However, clients find that the real value of telemarketing is not on the cost savings alone. It is on their capability to provide quality service at such affordable prices.

Companies who are considering hiring offshore outbound telemarketing can easily request free service quotes from vendors. To request for a quote, companies must prepare the following information regarding their telemarketing plans:

  • The objectives of the telemarketing campaign – do you intend to sell your products or services directly to customers, generate leads, clean or update your contact list, schedule appointments, conduct research or surveys, announce or promote an event?
  • The primary target market of the campaign whether small, medium or large businesses or private residents
  • Will it be a one-time telemarketing campaign or a series of campaigns
  • Timeframe as to when the company plans to launch the campaign and its duration
  • Specific campaign targets such as the number of prospects the company wants to contact or the number of leads the company is looking to generate
  • In terms of geographical reach, will the campaign target a specific city? Is it a state or nationwide?
  • Any special needs such as provision of prospect list or database cleaning and other database services, multilingual support, etc.
  • Budget estimate for the campaign
  • Description of company’s products or services

Most telemarketing vendors allow clients to request for quotes online, but it is advisable for companies to speak directly with them to get immediate answers to their queries. Most of these agencies have 24/7 operations or have two shifts. One in the morning, and another in the evening during business hours in Western countries to accommodate potential clients.

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Lead Generation in the Philippines- An Excellent Alternative to your Business Needs

Why companies should consider a partnership with an offshore service provider?
Offshore outbound lead generation service providers in the Philippines offer companies of any size from different industries with lead generation services. They deliver qualified prospects to increase the productivity of company’s sales team.

Lead generation service providers help ensure that their client’s sales team will no longer be wasting their time in researching for their prospects. They identify prospects that are interested and willing to learn further about the client’s offerings. Offshore outbound lead generation service providers develop their selling opportunities that the client’s sales people can focus on.

Offshore outbound lead generation service providers in the Philippines are experienced with full-service telephone-based marketing service that cater to the lead generation needs of companies whether they require business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C) services. Working with a lead generation vendor offer businesses a solution focused on generating and qualifying leads and implementing effective lead generation strategies that increase sales and revenues. Lead generation providers capitalize on their expertise and experience in outbound telephone marketing techniques in order to get the qualified leads on behalf of their clients.

The firm oversees all the concerns that go with launching a successful lead generation campaign. Businesses that utilize their services do not have to worry about recruitment, training, or supervising the staff. When they work with a lead generation service provider, they get the services of skilled agents, without the high cost or difficulties that come with managing an internal lead generation program or cross training sales people. In addition, clients will only pay the services rendered; there will be no worries investing in telephone systems or other technologies or spending on workers’ health benefits and the like.

Offshoring Benefits
For any company that is focused on improving its sales performance, partnership with an offshore outbound lead generation agency allows them to get quality services with reduced costs. Offshore outbound lead generation service providers in the Philippines offer quality services by utilizing the agents with the reliable telemarketing technologies.

Implementing high-quality agent training is essential to any lead generation service provider. Proper training boosts the agent’s confidence by preparing them to handle calls and speak with different contacts at all levels. Lead generation companies invest in training and in motivating their agents. Agents who are contented with their jobs perform better, thus, increasing productivity and the quality of service. Offshore outbound lead generation service providers have seen the efficiency of this, and made them look for ways to maintain the motivation with their employees.

Lead generation companies in the Philippines handle all aspects of management. It includes assessing and implementing technology, workforce planning, performance evaluation, staff training, and strategic business planning.

To ensure the success of campaigns, lead generation service providers assist clients in creating strategies, develop effective scripts, and analyze areas of improvement. They assure that agents are trained and are familiar of the client’s business so they can effectively communicate the client’s message. The company creates an effective compensation plan to motivate agents in their performance.

An effective lead generation service will require a combination of skill, strategy, technology, and proper implementation to produce excellent results. Lead generation service providers in the Philippines utilizes its competent workforce, veteran management teams, latest technologies, and commitment to quality to deliver and meet the client’s expectations.

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