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Telemarketing Outsourcing – Who’s Going To Do It?

Telemarketing outsourcing…who’s going to do it?  In a business climate where telemarketing is a necessary part of cost cutting, how do companies in the US and other countries find qualified applicants to do that telephone sales work that fewer and fewer people in the US seem to want to do?

The answer to that dilemma is simply that times itself brings the answer.  Now that communication is so easy across national barriers, it’s possible to outsource telemarketing processes to countries and eager telemarketing outsourcing call center agents who live and work thousands of miles away, on the other side of the globe.  As long as their English is good (which it usually is) and they have a thorough knowledge of the processes they’re accomplishing, they’re willing to do this kind of telemarketing outsourcing work at rates that are very attractive to US companies.

The telemarketing outsourcing industry has evolved and matured a lot in the last approximately 20 years of its evolution. The technology has gotten a lot better in quality and dependability and the service providers have gotten much better at their management processes too.

The bottom line is that the telemarketing outsourcing industry is putting a tremendous amount of competitiveness back into the marketing programs of the US and other businesses that use it.  Now, these US businesses, stressed with low cost foreign competition, can come back with lower costs of marketing (e.g. offshore outsourced telemarketing) because of the competitiveness gained with offshore telemarketing outsourcing.

Offshore outsourced telemarketing agents generally enjoy doing telemarketing.  Especially to the US.  They enjoy telemarketing to the US because historically it’s been a country that they aspire to go to.  In many cases they’re very familiar with the products they’re selling and, if not the specific products or services, at least they know the companies.

It also very often happens that they speak, on the phone, to US consumers in the very cities they’ve visited or lived in or have relatives in.  That familiarity tends to make their outsourced telemarketing jobs less of a dull, boring task but rather more of an enjoyable ‘reconnection’ with a part of their past that they remember fondly.

For these enthusiastic outsourced telemarketing agents, their jobs are a way to get paid doing something they enjoy anyway.

Lead Generation & the Philippines

Lead generation Philippines is becoming the generic tonic of more and more US business.  No matter how good a product of service is, the salespeople have to have qualified leads to sell to.  Lead generation services outsourced from call center Philippines is becoming the favorite way for US companies to quickly and affordably add sales to their bottom line.
To get the most from lead generation from the Philippines you first need to have a product or service that can be effectively sold, or lead generated via the phone. Most products and services can be adapted to lead generation and/or sales.  Often, if there is a problem with getting sales or leads from a program you’re using, the problem can be identified, isolated and corrected without changing the overall program too much…..and sales or lead numbers will improve.
Generally speaking, the level of English proficiency from lead generation agents in the Philippines is pretty good.  But what really excites US sales program managers is realizing that the cost factor in developing these lead, or sales, is so far below US labor cost factors that even if the sales or lead development percentages per 100 calls isn’t as good as their US counterparts, the US businesses can actually afford to make 2, 3 or even 4 times the calls for the same monetary expenditure.
Filipino lead generation agents are highly motivated to reach sales quotas as long as they’re hired with the understanding that their greatest opportunity isn’t the salary (usually very minimal) which they’re guaranteed but rather the incentives they get from hitting their various production quotas.  It’s not unusual for lead generation agents in Philippines call centers to refuse to go home at the end of their shift unless they’ve hit their production goals.
Thus far in the evolution of the Philippines Call Center industry the vast majority of call centers and lead generation centers are located in Manila.  If you’re working with a lead generation program based in Manila (the capital of the Philippines) you can
expect to get college educated agents who speak pretty good English.  But you’ll be paying considerably more than agents working at some of the smaller and not-so-well-known lead generation calling centers in other areas of the Philippines.
Regardless of where your lead generation services
Company is in the Philippines, you can be assured of getting the maximum ‘bang for your buck’ because Filipino average wages are very low even for educated professionals like engineers.  A highly incentivized lead generation or outbound telemarketing agent and a properly run call center can actually make more money than an engineer or accountant.
That means that when you deal with lead generation specialists in the Philippines, you really are dealing with professionals.

Telemarketing Makes Dollars and Sense

Telemarketing used to be less than highly regarded both as a means of making sales and as an occupation.  In recent years however, telemarketing has become highly regarded by companies as a means of making a sale and it’s become at least officially recognized as a means of making sales.
In the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s most people were accustomed to getting late night phone calls from eager telemarketers selling everything from vacation timeshare packages to home heating system inspections.  Telemarketing had a bad image in the mind of most consumers.
As people became more accustomed to doing business online and by telephone, they also became more accustomed being solicited via the phone.  Today there are laws covering who can be called and who can’t in the US and telemarketing has become less of a problem
One area where telemarketing is booming however is with the dozens of companies in the Philippines, many of them located in Manila (the nation’s capital), who specialize in telemarketing.  These companies secure contracts from stateside vendors to telemarket a wide variety of products and services.  They give their agents a script and a computer hooked up to very sophisticated software that enables them to contact large numbers of people in a very short period of time
In the Philippines, these jobs are considered pretty good because they pay is well above the national average and frequently the agents can do very well with incentives and bonuses.  The working conditions are pretty nice too……even by US standards.
Telemarketing call center agents in the Philippines work at all hours of the day and night all during the week.  They get regular pay, decent employee benefits and most of thesw large offshore call centers that specialize in telemarketing even have extensive social activity programs for their agents.
Usually these agents don’t know exactly what they’ll be assigned to do when they join the company.  That’s because it actually might vary.  Some of these companies, AKA: Business Process Outsourcers(BPO), offer their clients a variety of other services.  Virtually anything that is done via the telephone or on a computer can be done by agents in these offshore call centers in the Philippines.
Outsourced Telemarketing makes more and more sense to the US companies that contract it out too.  The cost of keeping a salesperson ‘on the street’ in the US today is astronomical…..well over $250 a day.  When business owners compare that cost with the cost of a telemarketing approach (at 30-60% of the cost) and it’s no wonder that outsourcing their telemarketing to a lower cost, offshore services provider is the method of choice.
Telemarketing also makes a lot of sense when people frequently already know what the item looks like and how it works.  Often all they want is some critical information to help them make a final decision.
Once they get that information it’s easy to just order it over the phone or on the internet.  In fact, because people are so busy today, they often feel it’s a lot easier and more convenient to buy things over the phone. So….telemarketing is a lot more appreciated now than it used to be.

Outsourcing Your Telemarketing Needs

Professional telemarketing allows companies to generate sales for their businesses. A lot of businesses have their own telemarketing divisions as part of their overall sales force. Not all businesses maintain dedicated lead generation departments. Some feel that the cost of training and running a telemarketing division in-house is more than it’s worth. It can be complicated from a logistical point of view, and can also be expensive. So a lot of business owners turn to an outside telemarketing agency for their telemarketing and lead generation needs.

For the large majority of companies telemarketing outsourcing the better, easier and more cost-efficient alternative. Specific circumstances depend on what kind of business is involved and what priorities are given to the telemarketing team. Professional telemarketing companies are typically able to achieve better and faster results than in-house marketing departments. Outsourcing telemarketing services also enables companies to focus on their core competencies. The the large majority of companies, the outsourcing of telemarketing services
is also often much cheaper than running a telemarketing division in-house.

Outsourcing Your Telemarketing To Other World Markets

While some companies like to train their own telemarketing teams, a lot of the time companies will opt to outsource their telemarketing requirements to an independent company. This approach has several advantages. Many business owners agree that running a telemarketing division is often more trouble than it’s worth.

First there’s the hassle of having to hire a team, which means more paperwork and hassles. Then you have to train the team, which often means hiring someone else to do that, because you’re running your business, you have no idea how to train a telemarketer. Then you have keep track of their progress, and hope they’re worth the added expense.

A lot of business owners choose to eliminate this headache by outsourcing. There are literally hundreds of thousands of call centers worldwide. Some are better than others. Some are just out to make a fast buck, and don’t care about your bottom line. They will make you promises, then repeatedly not deliver. They will spend your hard earned money and then disappear. Then they’ll set up another center two counties over and start the scam on someone else. Lucky for you, these aren’t the only places you can outsource your work too.

Lately business trends show a larger number of businesses and corporations electing to outsource their telemarketing work to countries like India and the Philippines. The country of India is popular because they set up the infrastructure and network earlier, but in the Philippines things are starting to boom. There are a lot of reasons businesses choose to bring their work to the Philippines.

This country was an American colony for a very long time, and still is heavily influenced by Western culture. Popular TV shows and movies air regularly here. As such the natives here relate more easily to customers, because there are a lot of commonalities to draw on.

Filipino children are exposed to English almost from birth in addition to their native languages. English is the language used in schools all the way up to college. Tagalog has many English words and phrases incorporated into it over time. Business owners also state that Filipino works show an amazing linguistic ability to be able to imitate a variety of accents. This helps when talking to customers, as the customer tends to relax more if they think they’re talking to someone like them.

Another obvious advantage to outsourcing your work to the Philippines is the money you will save in wage expenses. Often times all you pay is a flat fee for services rendered. No insurance, no workman’s compensation headaches, no tax forms, just one contract between you and the outsourcing company. Simple sometime works the best. And because the wage in the Philippines is lower than that of the United States you are able to save even more by outsourcing your work. And sometimes the dollar sign is the bottom line.

Telemarketing Outsourcing Services

It is essential for companies to engage in telemarketing outsourcing as it helps them to increase sales, lower operating costs and to gain a globally more competitive edge.

Telemarketing services will place sales calls as well as take care of your inbound calls. They can set appointments for future calls (or in person visits) and generate leads for your “in person” sales teams. They can increase the time that is spent on a project by a great deal. Many companies don’t want to spend the assets necessary to employ enough workers to generate all of the leads that a telemarketing service can get.

Not only will the telemarketing service handle all of your sales calls, they will also take care of the hiring, managing and training of new callers added to the pool. This saves local companies the time and hassle it would involve to personally interact with their employees during the hiring process. Companies can simply assign a telemarketing service so many hours of calling they will require. Telemarketing outsourcing makes things a lot easier for companies by running the campaigns assigned to them as well as developing personalized scripts for each product.

Costs on telemarketing outsourcing are cut by 75 percent when telemarketing companies are involved. This allows companies to put more money into their own pockets. Companies that do their research can find telemarketing companies online which will require little payment directly. Quality telemarketing companies will charge between $10 and $30 USD an hour. This charge is dependent upon what kind of call volume companies require of them. If companies have a higher call volume the charges go down per hour. Companies keep in mind that the price they are charged includes the entire campaign being covered. This includes the previously mentioned set up of the campaign. This payment is extremely cheap considering how much companies would be paying for local work and stimulating the economy near them. The solution of using outside sources for telemarketing saves companies pennies on the dollar.

A business is certainly a profit based endeavor and telemarketing services can definitely improve the bottom line.

The Incredible Use of Telemarketing

Telemarketing is a buzzword in corporate board rooms in recent years. Sure there are many anecdotal successes of telemarketing companies. In a span of a few years, countries like India and the Philippines have become hubs of call centers to which a host of sales, marketing, and consumer and customer relations functions are being outsourced from all over the world. Despite the gains purportedly achieved by telemarketing companies, however, many business executives remain skeptical about transferring the execution or implementation of marketing strategies to a third party from an in-house operation. Nevertheless, the number of call centers in the Philippines is growing exponentially.

Such skepticism is, of course, understandable. Many successful business organizations consider sales, marketing and customer relations, as among their core competencies crucial to the delivery of positive results to the company’s bottom line. Hence, a lot of conservative businessmen still maintain the belief that contracting telemarketing companies isn’t a cure at all to lagging sales and dwindling customer satisfaction, and that benefits from outsourcing sales and marketing-related functions are just too incredible.

Going by the logic of this thinking, therefore, certain prerequisites need to be in place before a company can truly benefit from the many advantages that telemarketing companies profess to deliver. Most of important of these are the following three preconditions

Acceptance—The top executives or senior management of an organization needs to be completely convinced on the concept of using telemarketing companies as part of a marketing strategy. Needless to say, some pencil-pushing will be needed to provide hard facts and figures on how much cost can be saved and how much potential sales can be generated if say a call center is chosen from among telemarketing companies offering various types of services. Which of these companies deliver the optimum results at the least possible cost may, in all likelihood, need approval all the way to the chairman of the board.

Support—Managers and rank-and-file personnel involved in marketing, sales and promotion have to be appraised and persuaded on the benefits and values that can be derived from telemarketing. Unmistakably, outsourcing of a marketing function is often seen by these employees as a threat to their job security, something that must be effectively addressed by a communication program from the standpoint of allocating internal human resources

Integration—The services offered by telemarketing companies have to be closely examined as to their fit to the needs of a business organization. An outsourced telemarketing function has to be completely in sync with the marketing strategies a company has adopted. Moreover, there has to be a flawless interface between the company’s own marketing unit and the service providers of the outsourced telemarketing function. Most importantly, the agents of telemarketing companies of choice have to be evaluated if their personality and skills are or can be perfectly attuned to the corporate culture of the company that they in effect will represent with each customer inquiry or call.

The Amazing Benefits of Telemarketing Services

Business strategies and techniques incorporating telemarketing services as among the platforms for growth is an approach that businesses cannot do without today. Employing the services of a telemarketing outfit enables a company to address the two critical performance areas of:

  • • Growing the consumer base
  • • Promoting new products or services

Through telemarketing services, therefore, a company can effectively convey to its target markets the unique selling propositions of any product or service. telemarketing is a dynamic communication tool that can be readily woven into any marketing strategy.

Corporate interest in telemarketing services has grown tremendously throughout the years. Many companies still subscribe to the basic definition of telemarketing as that of simply contracting a separate firm that will call consumers to make the sales pitch for them. Certainly, such a simplified definition of telemarketing services already connotes the benefits that can be derived from this marketing practice, such as:

  • Immediate presence—there is direct contact with the target market
  • Velocity—customers and consumers are reached quickly

Some marketing experts will argue that these benefits of telemarketing services can also be delivered by other sales and promotions tools like Internet or online advertising campaigns. However, there are other advantages in harnessing telemarketing services that are absent in other marketing communication tools. A quartet of advantages unique to telemarketing services can be cited. These are:
Personalized marketing approach—specific communication messages can be made tailor-fit for the target markets
Human connection—the human voice can have an incredible convincing power in delivering marketing communication messages
Reduced overall marketing cost—a significant number of consumers can be reached at the least possible cost, with a single telemarketer often able to place call to more than one hundred consumers daily
Accelerated marketing campaigns—the execution of a marketing program can be reduced with the help of quick and efficient telemarketing services which can readily and immediately deliver market inputs to further fine-tune sales and promotions strategies

The Overall Benefits of Telemarketing Outsourcing

The wave of the future in dealing with consumers and customers definitely has telemarketing outsourcing as a vital component. The overall benefits of contracting the services of a call center, for instance, are all too apparent. Among the advantages that this can bring are:

Core competency concentration—A company can focus its managerial talent and manpower expertise to what they do best, such as the production of quality goods or delivery of services. A small in-house think-thank group can formulate the marketing and consumer relations strategies with telemarketing outsourcing involved in their execution.

Operating cost reduction—An outsourced telemarketing function will do away with the costs of having to establish and maintain such functionalities as information desks, help desks and customer service centers. With an outsourced call center, a company will be able to reduce its operating costs and take advantage of the highly advanced technology engendered by the emergence of the telemarketing outsourcing industry in recent years. The cost of acquisition of such expensive technologies and their maintenance burden, as well as the training or search of the appropriately skilled personnel, is passed on to the contracted call center outfit.

Marketing flexibility—The rapid advancement of technology has also brought another advantage. This has enabled many firms involved in the delivery of telemarketing outsourcing services to offer a slew of choices in systems, processes and tools that are suited or adaptable to their clients’ requirements, especially on marketing strategies. Telemarketing outsourcing, hence, may now not only involve phone-based support. Today, voice-based telemarketing can extend to SMS text messaging. Internet-based resources, such as online chat rooms and e-mail, can also be useful.
Firms engaged in providing telemarketing outsourcing services, of course, are not created equal. Costs too are rising among businesses engaged in telemarketing service companies, and the competition is getting tighter in their field. The quality of the output that they deliver, therefore, can vary greatly. Identifying the right telemarketing service provider, hence, would be crucial in achieving the desired benefits from an outsourced company function such as marketing.

Technology as a parameter is one critical area to consider in the search for telemarketing outsourcing services. Essentially basic to telemarketing operations is the communication infrastructure which will enable the quick and efficient response to consumer solicitations, inquiries or lead follow-ups.

Such hardware components should not only be up to date but can also interface efficiently with those of the outsourcer. Inputs from telemarketers, for instance, need to be readily captured and made accessible to the outsourcer. This is especially important in the fast-changing complexion of a competitive market. Strategic shifts may be called for on a day-to-day basis, a situation that can be addressed by some well-timed telemarketing outsourcing data input.

The Strategic Importance of Lead Generation Companies

The proliferation of lead generation companies in the world of trade and industry can be traced from the beginnings of telemarketing in the early 1950s. Often associated with marketing and sales, lead generation is the heartbeat of every business that wishes to survive. It is an advertising expression that indicates the making and generation of prospective clients (termed as “leads”) for business through a variety of ways like social media, search engine optimization, telemarketing, data charts, direct mailing lists, and e-mail opt-in requests. These methods would gather demographic information about people —mostly names, professions, and locations—which are made useful for companies with sales offers.

Why hire lead generation companies? A considerable number of sales-related businesses employ lead generation companies to take care of their advertising strategies in the hopes or reaping more deals and trades. Almost every aspect of the corporate world needs fresh and new leads to keep the business going—mortgage companies would need new leads to offer their products to; financial institutions would require fresh names to which they can offer credit services; health care organizations would want new people who would try their latest products and services. For most businesses which consider this need as another taxing addition to their fixed expenses (as leads are not necessarily needed daily, they may come in bulk from time to time), hiring lead generation companies proves to be more economical yet crucially beneficial. Depending on the method they use, lead generation companies become responsible for the collection of potential lines of clienteles for businesses. In most cases, these companies are excellent with what they do that in fact, records and reports show that lead generation strategies have increased the sales of most businesses all over the world from 19% to a range of 66 to 90% (EConsultancy’s Online Lead Generation Report). With these figures, hiring lead generation companies demonstrates a strong sense of market movement that defines sky-rocketing exposure and profits. Lead generation companies have, indeed, become most businesses’ instrument to achieving greater heights in sales without having to compromise excellence and value. The supplying of leads to businesses has become their springboard to assuring a stable stream of sales into the company even during the business’ slow seasons. Having said this, lead generation companies, therefore, guarantees businesses that a constant flow of new leads are always coming in to take the place of the old business opportunities.

Another benefit of hiring a lead generation company is its ability to let a business concentrate more on the more significant part of the business’ operations like concluding trades and transactions, paying attention to currently existing consumers, and encouraging new business partnerships. The use of a lead generation company increases the chances of a business to obtain more favorable results as it has more time to work on new leads rather than to gather them. Lead generation companies also aid in the monetary balancing of a company. Since hiring one is more convenient than starting its own lead generation team from scratch, a business firm is saving a lot more considering the ease and expertise that comes along from a lead generation company’s experience. Indeed, lead generation companies have grown in popularity because of the convenience and profitability that they offer. Hiring one would surely aid your business to meet its desired goals and objectives. With these companies, you make your products and services known to everyone without even having to exhaust yourself from expensive, strenuous and inconvenient marketing.