Lead Generation & the Philippines

Lead generation Philippines is becoming the generic tonic of more and more US business.  No matter how good a product of service is, the salespeople have to have qualified leads to sell to.  Lead generation services outsourced from call center Philippines is becoming the favorite way for US companies to quickly and affordably add sales to their bottom line.
To get the most from lead generation from the Philippines you first need to have a product or service that can be effectively sold, or lead generated via the phone. Most products and services can be adapted to lead generation and/or sales.  Often, if there is a problem with getting sales or leads from a program you’re using, the problem can be identified, isolated and corrected without changing the overall program too much…..and sales or lead numbers will improve.
Generally speaking, the level of English proficiency from lead generation agents in the Philippines is pretty good.  But what really excites US sales program managers is realizing that the cost factor in developing these lead, or sales, is so far below US labor cost factors that even if the sales or lead development percentages per 100 calls isn’t as good as their US counterparts, the US businesses can actually afford to make 2, 3 or even 4 times the calls for the same monetary expenditure.
Filipino lead generation agents are highly motivated to reach sales quotas as long as they’re hired with the understanding that their greatest opportunity isn’t the salary (usually very minimal) which they’re guaranteed but rather the incentives they get from hitting their various production quotas.  It’s not unusual for lead generation agents in Philippines call centers to refuse to go home at the end of their shift unless they’ve hit their production goals.
Thus far in the evolution of the Philippines Call Center industry the vast majority of call centers and lead generation centers are located in Manila.  If you’re working with a lead generation program based in Manila (the capital of the Philippines) you can
expect to get college educated agents who speak pretty good English.  But you’ll be paying considerably more than agents working at some of the smaller and not-so-well-known lead generation calling centers in other areas of the Philippines.
Regardless of where your lead generation services
Company is in the Philippines, you can be assured of getting the maximum ‘bang for your buck’ because Filipino average wages are very low even for educated professionals like engineers.  A highly incentivized lead generation or outbound telemarketing agent and a properly run call center can actually make more money than an engineer or accountant.
That means that when you deal with lead generation specialists in the Philippines, you really are dealing with professionals.