Outsourcing Your Telemarketing To Other World Markets

While some companies like to train their own telemarketing teams, a lot of the time companies will opt to outsource their telemarketing requirements to an independent company. This approach has several advantages. Many business owners agree that running a telemarketing division is often more trouble than it’s worth.

First there’s the hassle of having to hire a team, which means more paperwork and hassles. Then you have to train the team, which often means hiring someone else to do that, because you’re running your business, you have no idea how to train a telemarketer. Then you have keep track of their progress, and hope they’re worth the added expense.

A lot of business owners choose to eliminate this headache by outsourcing. There are literally hundreds of thousands of call centers worldwide. Some are better than others. Some are just out to make a fast buck, and don’t care about your bottom line. They will make you promises, then repeatedly not deliver. They will spend your hard earned money and then disappear. Then they’ll set up another center two counties over and start the scam on someone else. Lucky for you, these aren’t the only places you can outsource your work too.

Lately business trends show a larger number of businesses and corporations electing to outsource their telemarketing work to countries like India and the Philippines. The country of India is popular because they set up the infrastructure and network earlier, but in the Philippines things are starting to boom. There are a lot of reasons businesses choose to bring their work to the Philippines.

This country was an American colony for a very long time, and still is heavily influenced by Western culture. Popular TV shows and movies air regularly here. As such the natives here relate more easily to customers, because there are a lot of commonalities to draw on.

Filipino children are exposed to English almost from birth in addition to their native languages. English is the language used in schools all the way up to college. Tagalog has many English words and phrases incorporated into it over time. Business owners also state that Filipino works show an amazing linguistic ability to be able to imitate a variety of accents. This helps when talking to customers, as the customer tends to relax more if they think they’re talking to someone like them.

Another obvious advantage to outsourcing your work to the Philippines is the money you will save in wage expenses. Often times all you pay is a flat fee for services rendered. No insurance, no workman’s compensation headaches, no tax forms, just one contract between you and the outsourcing company. Simple sometime works the best. And because the wage in the Philippines is lower than that of the United States you are able to save even more by outsourcing your work. And sometimes the dollar sign is the bottom line.