Noteworthy Solutions with Offshore Outbound Appointment Setting Providers in the Philippines

Offshore outbound appointment setting providers in the Philippines specialize in delivering cost-effective and efficient appointment setting services in business-to-business sectors. They run specialized outbound operations that focus on providing qualified appointments to clients.

Appointment setting providers have different variations. Some have a small operation with the range of twenty people while others have larger capacities. There are also firms that can offer telemarketing services aside from appointment setting. They also provide services like lead generation, market research, and the like.

Appointment setting companies use their expertise in appointment setting and their professional approach to identify and secure business opportunities in the form of either phone sales appointments or face-to-face meetings.

To provide quality appointment setting solutions to their clients, appointment setting providers in the Philippines makes use of the skills of their people as well as the most up-to-date telephony telemarketing technology. Agents go through training in call handling and securing qualified appointments. That way, agents will be proficient in securing qualified appointments by asking questions and listening to the needs of the clients.

In order to understand the client’s message and proposition, offshore outbound appointment setting providers in the Philippines use a prospect approach. This approach will make the client consider the offer without instantly turning them down. If they get the interest of the clients effectively, this will result to quality appointments.

Appointment Setting Process
Offshore outbound appointment setting companies follow a standard process in setting up appointments with decision makers in companies of any size across various markets.

For small and medium sized enterprises, appointment setting providers in the Philippines use a process that involves cold calling to verify who the decision maker is. The provider will look for a possibility to make an initial contact, and complete general qualification. Usually, it takes three calls to reach the decision maker. The agent will send an information pack to client over email followed by a call to further qualify the prospect and request for appointment.

For large corporate offices, it will be difficult to identify and reach high-level decision makers. Agents are then required to exert more effort and show persistence. Every now and then, businesses require an offshore outbound appointment setting provider to supply a written communication that expresses the intention of the caller before the appointments can be scheduled.

In case that the agent cannot determine the decision maker in the organization, an appointment setting provider will refer to available lists of C-level contacts. Normally, the process begins by sending a letter to the executive assistant of the decision maker for referral. Sometimes, a letter is unnecessary in this process. Agents can also refer to the internet to acquire the names of relevant contacts.

Once decision makers are identified correctly, the agent will make a follow-up call to the executive assistant. They will ask for the contact details of the client and request to be transferred directly to the decision maker. If this attempt will not thrive, it will be appropriate to write a letter of intent to the decision maker stating a schedule of follow-up call on a specific date and time.

At times, the executive assistant will transfer the call to the decision maker’s voicemail. If this happens, agents will leave a message expressing the purpose of the call and leaves his or her contact number. Usually, agents are able to reach the decision maker after several attempts. Upon reaching the decision maker, the agent will perform the necessary qualification, email the prospect with the client’s information pack, and set the sales appointment.

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