Getting Great Results with Lead Generation Companies in the Philippines

Offshore outbound lead generation companies in the Philippines help businesses by identifying their potential customers and qualifying them – the first step in creating a connection between the business and the target consumer. A major advantage of a lead generation firm is that they can perform at a lower cost.

The Cost Advantage
Lead generation firms usually charge on a per lead basis. In the United States, telemarketing firms charge $30 to $50 per lead. Companies that charge on a per hour rate, have price range from $26 to $30 per hour. With these high rates, companies find it necessary to choose an offshore outbound lead generation company in the Philippines. Lead generation companies offer a huge difference in cost that makes it a compelling advantage. They charge from the range of $10 to $20 per hour.

Delivering Quantity and Quality
In a competitive marketplace, an effective lead generation process is necessary in maximizing the performance of a company’s sales force and business growth. Offshore outbound lead generation firms know the importance of this process. They are committed in generating more leads and ensuring their quality. Lead generation is more than just a number game. Therefore, lead generation vendors strive to deliver more quality leads that will match the client’s business.

More Reasons to Choose offshore outbound lead generation companies in the Philippines
Most lead generation companies have been operating for several years now and have proven themselves as excellent sources of leads for various businesses.

Lead generation is an effective and low-cost way for a business to gain a steady stream of qualified leads. Moreover, it allows the company’s sales team to have more time in doing their main role—to sell.

Preparation of the telemarketing representative is an essential task. Consumers don’t usually accommodate the marketing efforts of the business. The telemarketer’s job is to come up with ways to keep the phone conversation long enough to complete their task. Lead generation companies in the Philippines equip their telemarketing agents with proper training to prepare them in handling calls.

Offshore outbound lead generation companies offer first-rate services that are customized to meet the needs of business clients. Lead generation companies provide business access to a team of professional telemarketing representatives. They work on generating leads based on the client’s criteria. Outsourcing to an expert lead generation company is an efficient way for a business to research and gather prospects, enabling their sales team to concentrate on selling and closing deals.

Lead generation firms fill the sales pipeline of a business with qualified contacts. They drive revenue by giving them the ability to get in the door of their target consumers and work on closing sales. Working with them allows clients to save time and money, while the lead generation firm focus on acquiring leads to help increase sales.

Markets and other services
Lead generation is used finance, mortgage, real estate, and automotive industry. However, any type of industry can also benefit from this marketing method. Clients have different variation, from IT software vendors to magazine publications.

Most offshore outbound lead generation companies in the Philippines provide other telemarketing services for businesses that will launch other types of telemarketing campaigns aside from lead generation. Lead generation companies can also provide appointment-setting services, direct sales services, market research services and others.

All services are offered in a B2B and B2C environment. To learn more about our outbound teleservices capabilities, please contact us through our inquiry form.