Telemarketing call centers in the Philippines – A booming industry

Through outbound telemarketing, a business can reach its prospects directly and immediately get feedback. In addition, outbound telemarketing provideS businesses with the flexibility to control many elements of their campaign such as the timing and call objectives. By working with an offshore outbound telemarketing firm, companies can achieve significant cost savings and increased sales.

Offshore outbound telemarketing companies typically provide both business-to-business and business-to-consumer services. Telemarketing firms employ highly-trained and motivated telemarketers to handle tasks like sales, appointment setting, lead generation, contact verification, seminar registration, market research, and other telemarketing services.

Telemarketing campaigns require scripts that telemarketers. Offshore telemarketing firms can assist clients in developing effective scripts. In fact, most firms include this service in their set-up costs. The skills of the telemarketer is substantial when it comes to closing a deal. That is why offshore outbound telemarketing companies invest in recruiting only highly qualified individuals, and provide extensive training to telemarketing representatives. The agent training will test their skills in handling objections, identifying needs, and using this information to persuade targets. It will determine how they will succeed in closing sales or getting an appointment.

Offshore outbound telemarketing call centers have invested in up-to-date telemarketing technologies such as telephony systems, sound digital recording, Internet capabilities, remote monitoring technologies, contact management software, other technologies necessary for production, data security, reporting and quality monitoring.

Pricing and Production
Offshore outbound telemarketing provide price quotes that vary. Rates can be per hour, per sale, or per lead. Some also work on a pay per performance basis. Typically, telemarketing companies in the Philippines like other providers require a minimum number of hours to start the campaign. Most call centers will also charge set up fees to include training costs. Prices differ depending on the size of the call center. Larger ones will usually require higher fees. Still, the cost of hiring a call center firm for businesses is still considerably lower than setting up their own call center.

During the testing period, the telemarketing company will make production estimates to provide clients with important information such as sales and leads per hour, number of completed records or calls in an hour, number of dials in an hour, wrong numbers or disconnected numbers dialed in an hour, and the like. The estimates help the clients track and analyze the progress of the campaign and provide them a chance to make necessary changes to improve productivity. Many offshore outbound telemarketing call centers in the Philippines offer free service quotes and consultations.

All services are offered in a B2B and B2C environment. To learn more about our outbound teleservices capabilities, please contact us through our inquiry form.