Offshore Outbound Telemarketing Outsourcing Providers in the Philippines Speaks on its Latest Developments and Modern Advancements

What Can Clients Expect from Outbound telemarketing Outsourcing Providers in the Philippines?

Launching a telemarketing campaign is not an easy task even for large corporations. Several elements should be orderly managed to make it successful – personnel, technologies, facilities, management and others.

An offshore outbound telemarketing outsourcing provider in the Philippines has essential resources plus the expertise in managing telemarketing programs and provide business a sound alternative using an in-house telemarketing team.

Businesses make used of the services offered by an offshore outbound telemarketing outsourcing providers to hence they can focus on their core business activities while there is an expert group that responsibly takes care of their corporate campaigns.

Offshore outbound telemarketing outsourcing providers in the Philippines offer a wide selection of business-to-business and business-to-consumer telemarketing services.

Among these services are product and service sales with up-selling and cross-selling, lead generation or qualification, list cleaning or updating, primary market research, customer satisfaction surveys, follow up calls, appointment setting, product or service promotion, and other telemarketing-related services.

Also, this type of industry tend to provide support in handling an overflow or increase in call volume during the peak periods of a business, such as when launching a new product; or they can also provide a cost-effective solution to businesses that want to extend to 24/7 operations.

Undeniably, hiring an offshore outbound telemarketing outsourcing provider in the Philippines is more commercial and cost-effective than having an in-house staff to carry out the similar tasks. It will outlay a business more if it were to set up or use its own equipment and facilities, recruit and train full-time telephone sales representatives.

Competent as it is, offshore outbound telemarketing outsourcing provider in the Philippines is able to give necessary services to complete an entire telemarketing campaign at significantly lower costs.

In addition to competitive rates, experienced telemarketing firms also allow businesses to launch their telemarketing campaign quickly and efficiently often within a week or less. They may utilize their pool of experienced and highly-skilled representatives or promptly recruit qualified people.

Offshore outbound telemarketing outsourcing providers in the Philippines have complied in strict hiring standards because telemarketing and sales duties require more than professional telephone skills.

Basically, this kind of industry looks for individuals whom besides have excellent English communication skills must also consist the right attitude towards rejection or frustration, be goal-oriented and self-motivated, and have the ability to establish rapport with different kinds of people.

Telemarketing agents are persistent and creative in handling objections and reaching contact persons who often have assistants whose primary task is to screen calls. Offshore outbound telemarketing outsourcing providers in the Philippines train their telemarketing agents on various marketing techniques and methods, supply them with developed scripts, teach them how to properly document their calls and run test calls that would lead them to a career success.

Offshore outbound telemarketing outsourcing providers in the Philippines have the most up-to-date telemarketing technologies and since their business relies in such equipped advancements, rest assured it is reliable, secure and well-maintained. Clients benefit from having access to these innovative technologies without the need for significant or long-term investment on their part.

Some of the technologies used by this type of outsourcing provider include auto-dialer and predictive dialer phone systems, call digital recording, contact management systems and other offshore equipments.

Too boot, Quality control is another important part of the operation in an offshore outbound telemarketing outsourcing business. To guarantee quality, a telemarketing company builds the campaign based on the client’s orientation and subsequently gives extensive training to agents.

Generally, there will be test calls whereas the client can check the quality of the call and suggest changes and give a room for improvement and a pilot campaign prior in obtaining it live. Quality officers randomly listen to agents during their calls to verify if they are meeting quality standards and following client requirements.

In addition, offshore outbound telemarketing outsourcing providers in the Philippines comply with the federal laws in the United States, prohibiting to call certain phone numbers that are included in the US Federal Trade Commission’s Do Not Call Registry.

All services are offered in a B2B and B2C environment. To learn more about our outbound teleservices capabilities, please contact us through our inquiry form.