The Unbeatable Edge of Offshore Outbound Telemarketing Providers in the Philippines

In the previous years, there has been a huge demand for “offshoring” or outsourcing to offshore locations. As many companies have discovered, outsourcing outbound telemarketing activities to an offshore outbound telemarketing provider within Asian countries, particularly in the Philippines has numerous advantages.

Cost savings is one of the main reasons why companies resort to an offshore outbound telemarketing provider. With the low operating and wage overheads in the Philippines, companies are able to achieve 25 percent up to 60 percent savings while getting first-rate and high-quality telemarketing services.

Moreover, while some offshore telemarketing providers struggle with language barriers, offshore outbound telemarketing providers in the Philippines get on the edge since its workforce are adept and fluent in English communication skills. Also, Filipinos speak English with a neutral accent and making it easier and comprehensible for foreigners. Many Filipinos can easily adopt an American or British accent, which is a distinct plus since majority of business clients are from either United States or UK area.

Indeed, English skills are not only the prerequisite of offshore outbound telemarketing businesses in employing representatives. They also seek for goal-oriented and motivated individuals with sales and persuasion skills. Mostly, candidates with proven sales experience are given utmost preference.

This type of industry differs on how they compensate representatives. Nearly, all offer basic pay plus commissions per sale or per lead and incentives for agents who exceed their quota. Employee motivation is imperative for offshore outbound telemarketing providers in the Philippines, not only to drive representatives to perform beyond expectation but also to keep them satisfied in their chosen jobs. Truly, offshore outbound telemarketing providers in the Philippines and the country’s entire call center businesses take pride in having a relative lowest staff turnover rate compared to other offshore providers.

While this telemarketing business will be able to offer you reduced rates, there will be also a variation on how they will outlay their services. An offshore outbound telemarketing provider may charge setup fees and hourly rates while others may confer on a commission basis in addition to the common basic rates.

Also, additional expenditure may come from training or travel expenses for companies that would like to send some of their people to the Philippines and give comprehensive training for agents or vice versa.

An offshore outbound telemarketing provider in the Philippines has quality assurance officers who monitor calls and evaluate agent’s performance. Some telemarketing companies provide clients the ability to hook into a live call between an agent and a prospect customer to see how effective and knowledgeable the agent is in that particular task.

To guarantee data security, an telemarketing industries make use of secure technologies and other safety measures such as implementing strict confidentiality agreements with telephone sales agents and controlling access to client information through password-protected accounts.

There are plenty of experienced offshore outbound telemarketing providers in the Philippines. These companies have the best track record on their past and existing clients, which is definitely valuable to any of their target business client. Clients, in addition, will find young offshore outbound telemarketing providers that can execute expert telemarketing services. Even these companies may be considered as novice to such kind of industry, their owners and managers are commonly hands-on and veterans in the said field.

An offshore outbound telemarketing provider has an account manager who handles the day-to-day operations of a specific campaign. The account manager is the main point of contact of the client. He or she also oversees the statistics report to the client.

For both, the client and the offshore outbound telemarketing provider in the Philippines, handing reports are essential to assess and measure results. This telemarketing industry will give a customized report to meet the client’s requirements. Generally, reports are inclusive of statistics specified by clients, sales or leads, reasons for refusal and other offshore issues. Depending upon the agreement with the client, an offshore outbound telemarketing provider in the Philippines may hand-out reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis in addition to a final report done at the end of the campaign.

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