Offshore Outbound Telemarketing Rooms in the Philippines: Your Second to None Choice

Choosing between an in-house and an offshore outbound telemarketing room – why offshore is a better choice?

Companies that are trying outbound telemarketing or re-evaluating their outbound telemarketing operations have to decide between setting up or maintaining an in-house telemarketing room or employing outside services from telemarketing firms. Many businesses which prefer outsourcing, choose outbound telemarketing service providers in offshore locations.

A top offshore destination for outsourced telemarketing services is the Philippines. Many businesses subject to offshore outbound telemarketing rooms in the Philippines report accurate and good results in terms of getting quality service, cost savings and greater revenues.

Offshore outbound telemarketing rooms in the Philippines vary in size ranging from twenty to hundred seat capacities. Regardless of the size, though some of their telemarketing rooms share some common features such as workstations with computers, headsets and phone systems such as auto-dialers or predictive dialers, high speed Internet access and other technologies. Large offshore outbound telemarketing rooms in the Philippines would also have well-designed facilities for employees such as break rooms, cafeterias and other corporate and functional amenities.

In this telemarketing company, clients do not only get immediate access to good infrastructure. The lineup of industry experts manage these offshore outbound telemarketing rooms which emphasize that the people who make use of their infrastructure and technologies are highly qualified and dedicated to put each telemarketing campaign into success.

Aside from management and telemarketing representatives, a typical offshore outbound telemarketing room in the Philippines will have support staff such as IT personnel to ensure quick resolution of any technical issue. Also, they will have quality assurance officers, in-charge of monitoring quality and agent performance based on metrics; and sales or marketing gurus that will help telemarketing representatives improve their techniques in closing deals, getting appointments, and other telemarketing-related strategies.

The managers and directors of this telemarketing business will work directly with the client and assist in or perform the following tasks – developing the script, hiring and training telemarketing representatives, supervising day-to-day activities of prospecttelemarketing representatives, monitoring results and providing accurate and reliable feedback to the client.

Without the help of an offshore outbound telemarketing rooms in the Philippines, businesses will necessitate itself to take care of all the above processes. Oftentimes, the whole process diverts necessary resources such as time and money from other business activities that are more vital to the client’s business. In addition, the cost of setting up a telemarketing rooms require large investment in technology and other advance facilities. The company, likewise, will hire not only telemarketers but also professionals to manage the staff. With an offshore outbound telemarketing rooms in the Philippines, businesses do not have to deal with all of these corporate state of affairs and would just simply concentrate on core functions such as business strategies.

When a company hire an offshore outbound telemarketing rooms in the Philippines, it will be able to secure all indespensable resources to start a telemarketing campaign from infrastructure to qualified workforce, given at a cost-savvy and matchless pricing structure that no onshore or near-shore telemarketing company can surpass.

This offshore outbound telemarketing room industries support the following telemarketing services – appointment setting, lead generation and qualifying, contact gathering and verification, database cleaning, market research and surveys, customer satisfaction surveys, opinion polls, conference/seminar registration, direct sales and marketing, cross selling and up selling, brand awareness, and other breathtaking services.


Managing telemarketing rooms and telemarketers is a demanding job and really requires a knowledgeable and skilled manager. Companies that take into consideration or attempt the task on their own will encounter many vast challenges such as dealing with absenteeism and maintaining employee motivation aside from administering operations on a daily basis.

Therefore, the notable advantage of outsourcing to offshore outbound telemarketing rooms in the Philippines is for the client to hire a company which sole business priors to manage a telemarketing rooms with dedicated individuals who can administer human resources, operations and all other business functions efficiently and cost-effectively.