Offshore Outbound Telemarketing Service Providers in the Philippines – Best Way to Mark Your Business Idealism

Offshore outbound telemarketing service providers in the Philippine facilitate and help business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) clients increase their profits by setting up sales appointments and generating leads in their client’s particular markets. The primary goal of this telemarketing service provider is to get client’s business ahead of their clients and connect interested prospects with the sales team.

The offshore outbound telemarketing service providers in the Philippines have ample experience in offering telemarketing services across various range of industries such as IT, communications, utilities, retail, finance and other telemarketing-related services.

Some of the telemarketing services that offshore outbound telemarketing service providers in the Philippines endow are as follows:

Appointment Setting

On behalf of the client’s sales team, telemarketing representatives set appointments with the ace key decision-makers in client’s target market. This outstanding telemarketing company give extensive trainings to their representatives with regard on how to build rapport quickly with a prospect client and how to carry out various telemarketing techniques to create appointments with decision-makers. When scheduling face-to-face appointments, telemarketing representatives consult the client’s calendar, adjust and consider geography or travel requirements.

Lead generation

Offshore outbound telemarketing service providers in the Philippines get in touch with various company contact details or distinct individuals to generate significant leads for clients. Telemarketing representatives seek to identify the client’s current affiliated products and services, to know if their target clients plan to open doors or switch to another suppliers, and when they will be implementing the said plans. Then, telemarketing representatives build a database of all the leads and provide a generated list for client’s reference.

Market Research

Market research is a fundamental method allowing a specific business to gain insight on how their prospects and customers think of their product or service. Offshore outbound telemarketing service providers in the Philippines have amiable and professional telemarketers who can speak to the client’s target market and observe the reasons of people’s preferences in terms of a given product or service. Market research results present pertinent information to guide business and help them improve their offers as well as their market approach. This telemarketing service provider company serves as the direct link of businesses to their customers and doles out as a credible source of market feedback.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

These type of surveys help companies and industries to track customer’s response – what they like and dislike about a particular product or service. It also provide an effective way to determine customer issues such as customer claims in a given product or service. This is the survey intended for regaining and retaining customers.


Offshore outbound telemarketing service provider in the Philippines implements corporate social responsibility like helping out organizations to conduct seminars or conferences and seal a commitment on way to their existing and potential customers to attend their events. Telemarketing representatives can confirm arrangements and make registrations and reservations as needed.

Database Cleaning

Past and current customers mailing list is one of the most important marketing tools in any type of business. Keeping directories and mails updated ensure that your business communications and marketing copies drop a line to the addressed person. Offshore outbound telemarketing service providers in the Philippines offer database cleaning or updating of directories and perform tasks such as – merging of databases, removing duplicate entries, locating mislaid contact information, verifying contact information, checking and completing addresses and other significant file compilation works.

Working with this kind of unsurpassed telemarketing service providers give businesses a prerogative access to a large pool of telemarketers acquiring an unbeatable English communication skills and wide-rangingtelemarketing/sales experience and comprehensive training; all at very competitive costs.

In addition, offshore outbound telemarketing service providers in the Philippines have steadfast management staff that give an eye on developing a telemarketing campaign suitable to client’s particular business.

Also, an account manager directly works with the client throughout campaign’s duration and see to it that they exceeds client satisfaction and meets its expectations even the campaign is as simple as database updating or indeed more complex like market research.

All services are offered in a B2B and B2C environment. To learn more about our outbound teleservices capabilities, please contact us through our inquiry form.