Telemarketing Outsourcing – Who’s Going To Do It?

Telemarketing outsourcing…who’s going to do it?  In a business climate where telemarketing is a necessary part of cost cutting, how do companies in the US and other countries find qualified applicants to do that telephone sales work that fewer and fewer people in the US seem to want to do?

The answer to that dilemma is simply that times itself brings the answer.  Now that communication is so easy across national barriers, it’s possible to outsource telemarketing processes to countries and eager telemarketing outsourcing call center agents who live and work thousands of miles away, on the other side of the globe.  As long as their English is good (which it usually is) and they have a thorough knowledge of the processes they’re accomplishing, they’re willing to do this kind of telemarketing outsourcing work at rates that are very attractive to US companies.

The telemarketing outsourcing industry has evolved and matured a lot in the last approximately 20 years of its evolution. The technology has gotten a lot better in quality and dependability and the service providers have gotten much better at their management processes too.

The bottom line is that the telemarketing outsourcing industry is putting a tremendous amount of competitiveness back into the marketing programs of the US and other businesses that use it.  Now, these US businesses, stressed with low cost foreign competition, can come back with lower costs of marketing (e.g. offshore outsourced telemarketing) because of the competitiveness gained with offshore telemarketing outsourcing.

Offshore outsourced telemarketing agents generally enjoy doing telemarketing.  Especially to the US.  They enjoy telemarketing to the US because historically it’s been a country that they aspire to go to.  In many cases they’re very familiar with the products they’re selling and, if not the specific products or services, at least they know the companies.

It also very often happens that they speak, on the phone, to US consumers in the very cities they’ve visited or lived in or have relatives in.  That familiarity tends to make their outsourced telemarketing jobs less of a dull, boring task but rather more of an enjoyable ‘reconnection’ with a part of their past that they remember fondly.

For these enthusiastic outsourced telemarketing agents, their jobs are a way to get paid doing something they enjoy anyway.